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Mission accomplished!

Hi friends! I will be the first to admit that I have not been as good with this whole blog thing as I'd hoped I would be. It's been entirely too long since I last posted -- but the good news is, a LOT has happened during that time! Let me catch you up. My last post was a bittersweet one, lamenting that my effort to crowdsource the publication of my first novel through Inkshares did not pan out. I said then that where a door closes, a window open -- and boy, I had no idea the truth of that statement. I was disappointed, but nowhere near giving up. No, that point came nearly a year later after querying fifty agents and receiving (or not receiving, as was the case with the vast majority) fifty rejections. After being turned down by an indie publisher who sent me an error-riddled note recommending that I have my book professionally edited (oh, the irony), I realized it was probably time to step back and reassess my approach. I looked at the calendar and realized the September #PitM