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When a door closes, a window opens

Sharing the update I sent to my supporters on Inkshares this morning: Hello friends! Update for you on Charlie’s Mirror: 5 days out from the January 23 deadline, and unfortunately I am not going to reach the 750 pre-order threshold. But don’t worry, this is not the end. A literary agent has expressed interest in the book and is currently reviewing the manuscript – a HUGE step in the direction of traditional publishing! I’m feeling optimistic! And what the heck – if that doesn’t work out, I can always give Inkshares another try; I’ve learned so much during this process. So what happens next? You, dear supporters, will get your money back soon after the funding period ends on January 23. They say “immediately,” so I would expect to see your refund within a day or two. Then, follow me on Facebook (Brenda Lyne Books), Twitter (@akabrendalyne), and/or Instagram (@akabrendalyne) to keep up with all the latest on my journey to becoming a published author! From the very bottom of m