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Why can't a face mask be an advertisement?

In this crazy time of coronavirus, face masks have become commonplace as one tool to help slow the spread. When people first started wearing them in early 2020, I remember walking through the grocery store or Target or whatever, looking at and admiring (or, in some unfortunate cases, fully judging) people's face masks. At first, when you couldn't get a mask to save your life because of shortages, people wore handkerchiefs over their faces. Then people figured out how to make masks and posted tutorial videos -- and that's when the face mask became a fashion accessory. Some were cute, some were practical, and some were still handkerchiefs. Then companies figured out how to mass produce custom masks, and their function evolved again. They became statements of political ("Women for Trump") or social ("Black Lives Matter") beliefs. They became a declaration of undying love for a movie franchise (Star Wars) or beloved book character (Harry Potter). You get the

A Lifelong Dream Becomes REALITY!