Writing is hard. Please love my story!

The hardest part of being a writer is being so, so proud of your work and realizing that not everybody feels the same way you do. 

No question.

I've been participating in short story competitions just to keep me writing and keep me fresh. It's a fun exercise, but it's rather frustrating to keep submitting what I believe to be fabulous stories -- and they don't make the cut.

Case in point: this 250-word piece of flash fiction awesomeness. It didn't make the top ten in a competition, but I think it's one of my better pieces. It was inspired by a short story I wrote in a writing class last fall. Thought I'd share it with you.

Prompt: Fantasy/fairy tale that had to include the action of delivering a letter, and the word "parched."



Obituary of a Tyrant

Dracorian, Lucius

Passed into eternal damnation on the eighth day of the sixth month, aged eighty-five years. He was preceded in death by his reluctant wife, Queen Alexandra of Azuria. He is survived by his estranged son Sebastian Dracorian, his banished stepdaughter Princess Eva of Azuria and her partner Rose, and at least three bastard children.

A practitioner of black magic, Lucius rose through the palace ranks to the position of royal sorcerer. After the death of King Blackburn, Lucius declared himself the High Priest of Azuria and took Alexandra as his wife, sparking decades of famine and misery for the people of the kingdom. He enjoyed engaging neighboring lands in war and torturing those who spoke against him. In his free time he took long rides across his parched lands on his prized stallion Diablo, raping and pillaging his own people. He never passed up an opportunity to lie, steal, and cheat, and he always preferred darkness to light.

In spite of Lucius’ wishes, no memorial service or celebration will be held. His body will be burned in the Azuria palace foundry, his cremains scattered to the four winds so that he may never harm another human being. The royal stewardess has delivered a letter to Princess Eva, an invitation to finally take her rightful place on the throne of Azuria. Light will shine on our kingdom once again.

In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred.


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