The first blog post is always the lamest.

Hi friends! Welcome to Being Brenda Lyne, where you can follow me as I navigate this crazy journey from aspiring to published author. I'm in test mode here as I figure out what blogging capabilities I have, so I thought I'd kick us off with the answer to a question I get fairly regularly: 

How did you come up with the pen name Brenda Lyne?

(That's pronounced "Lynn," by the way.)

It's actually a pretty cute story. But I have to preface it with this: I'm not opposed to putting my real name on my books, but my given name is hard for people. It's rare for someone who doesn't know me to spell or pronounce my last name correctly. So, when you come right down to it, I'm doing my readers and fans a big favor by using a pen name instead.


When I was in the second grade, back in the early 1980s, we had a project where each little eight-year-old in the class received his/her very own egg to take care of. The assignment was simple: take care of the egg like it's a baby. Feed the egg. Change the egg's diaper. Put the egg to bed. And most importantly...

DON'T BREAK THE EGG. Bring it back to school after one week, fully intact.

My teacher, Mrs. Brenda Kuester -- who I thought was the most beautiful lady I'd ever seen, and who had the most beautiful name I'd ever heard -- even took the class down to the Williams County (North Dakota) courthouse in Williston to stand before a real live judge and "officially" adopt these egg-babies. The process required giving our egg-babies names. 

Of course I was going to name my egg Brenda, after my beautiful teacher. Duh.

As for Lyne, well...I liked the sound, but I didn't like the conventional spelling. Replacing that last N with an E made it so much more exotic and beautiful, just like my teacher. And my egg.

Thirty-some years later, when I was mulling the idea of a pseudonym, memories of the egg I "adopted" and the name I gave it all that time ago came flooding back -- and I knew that I had found my pen name (even if "Brenda" sounds kind of old-ladyish to my much more experienced ears nowadays). It was easy to read, pronounce, and spell. And best of all, it was completely unique. 

So Brenda Lyne was born.

And yes...I believe I did manage to make it through the full week with an intact egg. At least, that's how I prefer to remember it. :)

Stick with me as I share with you the trials and tribulations of becoming a published author -- and making a lifelong dream come true. It's bee a bit bumpy, I'm sure...but it sure as hell won't be boring.

Until next time -- lots of love and gratitude,



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